RAGBRAI© is coming your way Wednesday, July 26/Thursday, July 27! We want to help you to be ready for this great event. We also want you to know what to expect on that day as the 20,000-plus bike riders and support crew pass by on their way form Clear Lake to Charles City, then from Charles City to Cresco the following day.

You will see cyclists forever! You may have a hard time entering and/or crossing the road. Please try to keep the right side of the road and shoulder clear of objects and debris. Please limit automobile use on the marked bicycle routes. If you park on the route, please be careful when opening car doors!

Cyclists are a fun group, but we want them to respect your property.

Should you invite any cyclists on your property, please be aware of these cautions.

You may be held liable if someone is injured.

Keep all food/drink stands, etc., on the right side of the road for safety. The road will not be closed that day and you do not want to be responsible for cyclists having to cross the road in front of oncoming traffic to get to you.

If you are planning to sell refreshments of any kind, be sure to contact your County Health Department, Extension Office and/or the State Department of Inspections and Appeals to be sure you comply with the food and beverage laws.

If you are planning to set up aa stand, keep in mind that cyclists do not stop at the bottom of a hill.

Young cyclists may want to follow along, but will only make the ride more dangerous. Please keep children away from the road and pathway of RAGBRAI©.

For the safety of your pets and riders, please keep pets (or other animals) penned or leashed.

Don’t spray riders with water! Many ride with expensive electronic equipment that can be damaged by water. Water can ruin supplies that some riders carry.

Don’t try to hand anything to riders. No high-fives.

Many towns along the route are planning special events that Wednesday. If you would like to join in the fun of RAGBRAI©, consider joining a route town to participate.

On behalf of the organizers and volunteers we ant to make this a fun and safe event. Please join us in showing our RAGBRAI© guests the pride of Iowa. If you have any questions, please contact me, and thanks for reading this.

Bob Krueger
RIDE RIGHT© Committee Chair
Charles City

July 26th Route towns: Clear Lake, Thornton, Swaledale, Rockwell, Cartersville, Rockford, Charles City.

July 27th Route towns: Charles City, Ionia, New Hampton, Lawler, Protivin and Cresco.