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Click here to read a letter from Bob Krueger, Charles City’s RIDE RIGHT© Committee Chair.


The Charles City RAGBRAI Executive Committee would like to extend a warm welcome to all 2017 RAGBRAI participants! Whether you’re riding, supporting, hosting, selling, volunteering, or contributing in some other way, your participation is what makes this event great.

This year marks the fifth time Charles City will host an overnight stay for RAGBRAI – the first was 35 years ago, in 1982. It’s exciting to consider the possibility that we will see not only people who enjoyed our inaugural overnight stay, but a whole new generation of participants who have yet to experience Charles City’s unique charm.

We’re working hard to continue the tradition of creating a fun, safe stop for the people of RAGBRAI. We hope you’ll take advantage of our hospitality, enjoy yourself to the fullest, and join us for all future Charles City RAGBRAI events!

Charles City’s RAGBRAI theme is “Last Hump Before the Hills.” Although many other themes were discussed (and discussed, and discussed!), we felt that this theme worked on a couple of different levels. First, Charles City will be hosting RAGBRAI for an overnight stay on Wednesday, July 26th. What’s a colloquialism for Wednesdays? “Hump Day!” Riders may be headed “downhill” after the mid-week hump, but they will be heading for some major hills after enjoying Charles City’s hospitality. On Thursday, July 27th, riders will be tackling an impressive 2200 foot climb as they head toward Cresco, and on Friday the 28th, they’ll have to put the pedal to the medal to climb a whopping 2400 feet to make it to their destination of Waukon. Their final challenge will be a staggering 3200 climb up the hill to Lansing, where RAGBRAI will conclude. Therefore, Charles City is the last hump before hills!